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1932:    GERMANY:  Hitler speaks before the Rhineland Industrialists in Dusseldorf at the Industry Club. Hitler was addressing this group in the hope of getting financial support for his party which was becoming steadily ever more bankrupt. He did not get as much as he had hoped for. (Jason Leech)

     A Clarification on the above:

There is some controversy about the date of this event. I believe it was actually on 26 January. The following is a footnote from my work-in-progress on Hitler's personal fortune:

     Toland (TOLA76, p. 260) has the date as 17 January and the majority of writers give the date as 27 January, possibly based on the evidence of Otto Dietrich's two memoirs, DIET34 and DIET57. However, I can find no date in DIET57. Lüdecke (LÜDE38, p. 326), who was not even in Germany at the time, puts the date at 27 January, possibly on the evidence of Dietrich.

Similarly, Fromm (FROM43, p. 43), on the basis of second-hand evidence, gives the date as 27 January, noting that that was also the ex-Kaiser's birthday. According to the invitation (TURN85B, p. 205), the meeting was held on 26 January. Two local newspapers, Kölnische Volkszeitung and the Düsseldorf Volkszeitung, printed accounts of the meeting in their 27 January editions, strengthening the view that the meeting was on 26 January.

     Turner has a copy of the original invitation, which clearly states January 26. (Cris Whetton)

January 27th, 1939 (FRIDAY)

MEXICO: A guard is placed on the home of exiled Bolshevik Leon Trotsky in Mexico City. The article.....

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