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1933 (MONDAY)

GERMANY:     Adolf Hitler is appointed Chancellor by President Hindenberg. Franz von Papen  becomes Vice-Chancellor. Only three of the eleven posts in the cabinet are held by National Socialists. Brownshirts (SA) and Communists violently clash  in the streets throughout Germany. The SA celebrates Hitler's accession to  power with a torchlight parade through Berlin. (Gene Hanson)


Juedische Jugendhilfe (Jewish Youth Help), the agency overseeing Youth Aliya  (immigration to Palestine), is founded. (Gene Hanson)


U.S.A.: Albert Einstein, is lecturing in California at the time of Hitler's appointment as Chancellor. In February, he decides to take up permanent residence in the United States. From this time until his death in 1955, he will hold an analogous research position at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, N.J. (Gene Hanson)

January 30th, 1939 (MONDAY)

GERMANY: Hitler says he has no claim on England and France except the return of old colonies.

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