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December 29th, 1941 (MONDAY)


U-602 commissioned.

U-647, U-714 laid down.

U.S.S.R.: The seaport town of Feodosia on the eastern Crimea is the scene of new Soviet landings with troops of the 51st and 44th Armies. They are opposed by Romanian units, which all but disappear at first contact.

These forces along with those of the 26th at Kerch will pose a serious threat to the German 11th Army. The Germans will halt their advance on Sevastopol to eliminate this threat, as Sponeck moves his 46th Infanterie Division back to a narrow line on the peninsula (the Parpach Line) to hold the Soviets. (Pat McTaggart)

Feodosia was captured by the German 46th and 170th Infantry Divisions on 3 November. As the attack on Sevastopol was about to take place, most of the German forces were withdrawn to concentrate on the forthcoming battle.

Left behind in the city were a small detachment of troops and all the wounded soldiers convalescing in the city's hospitals. On 18 January 1942, after their failure to capture Sevastopol, the Germans are able to return and recapture Feodosia. They find that most of the German military personnel had been murdered. Wounded soldiers had been thrown out of the windows of the hospital to make room for Russian wounded.

Water was then poured on the near dead bodies and then left to freeze.

On the beach, piles of bodies are found where they were thrown from a wall several meters high after being beaten and mutilated, their bodies left in the surf so that the sea water froze and covered them with a sheet of ice. There are about 12 survivors who had hidden in cellars when the Russian troops arrived. Their testimony before a German court of inquiry confirmed that some 160 wounded soldiers are liquidated this way. The Soviets defeat a German relief army at Kotelnikovo, isolating the Axis forces in Stalingrad. In the eastern Crimea, German troops of Army Group B evacuate Kerch and Theodosia.

FINLAND: Major Max von Hellens, Intelligence Officer of the Finnish 11th Division meets with US Military Attaché Colonel Georges Huthsteiner. Von Hellens informs the American that the German 163rd Infantry Division is on the eastern shore of Lake Ladoga, that the German division had suffered losses and is demoralised and asking for help from the Finnish 11th Division.

BURMA: From Bokpyin, the Japanese withdraw under pressure into Thailand.

CHINA: The establishment of the China Theatre under supreme command of Generalissimo Chiang Kai-shek, who is to be assisted by an Allied staff, is announced. The theatre is to include portions of Thailand and French Indochina in friendly hands.

EAST INDIES: The Indian detachment from Kuching, Sarawak, arrives at Sanggau, Dutch Borneo, and is placed under Dutch command.

MALAYA: On the Indian 11th Division front, the Indian 12th Brigade holds firmly against a strong Japanese attack but, since its position is becoming untenable, falls back through Kampar to Bidor, where it is held in reserve.

COMMONWEALTH OF THE PHILIPPINES: In northern Luzon, the 91st Division [Philippine Army (PA)] holds Cabanatuan against a strong enemy thrust, but the Japanese succeed in crossing the Pampanga River near there. Another Japanese force, heading for Tarlac in the 21st Division (PA) sector, reaches a position just north of Tarlac. All elements of the South Luzon Force withdraw quickly toward Bataan. Japanese "Betty" bombers (Mitsubishi G4M, Navy Type 1 Attack Bombers) and "Nell" bombers (Mitsubishi G3M, Navy Type 96 Attack Bombers) from Formosa, attack Corregidor for the first time. Although wooden structures suffer heavily, little damage is done to military installations. Antiaircraft fire from forts guarding Manila Bay destroy a number of bombers. The 4th Marine Regiment takes responsibility for beach defence. During the bombings, submarine tender USS Canopus (AS-9) is damaged in Mariveles Harbour, river gunboat USS Mindanao (PR-8) is damaged by near-misses off Corregidor.


AUSTRALIA: Major General Lewis H Brereton, Commanding General Far East Air Force, arrives at his new headquarters at Darwin, Northern Territory.

CANADA: Fishing vessel Fifer requisitioned as patrol vessel HMCS Fifer.

U.S.A.: USAAF 77th Bombardment Squadron (Medium) reaches Elmendorf Field, Territory of Alaska.

All German, Italian and Japanese aliens in California, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, Oregon, Utah and Washington and are ordered to surrender contraband.

Light fleet carrier USS Monterey laid down.


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