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February 24th, 1945 (SATURDAY)

ENGLISH CHANNEL: U-480 is sunk south-east of Isles of Scilly, in position 49.51.783N, 06.06.750W, by depth charges from the British frigates HMS Duckworth and Rowly. 48 dead (all hands lost). 
U-480  apparently sank 10 miles to the south-east of the Isles of Scilly. This boat has possibly been located by a diver but I have yet to confirm it. According to Lloyds Register of Shipping its position is 49.51.47N, 06.06.45W] 

U-927 is sunk south-east of Falmouth, in position 49.45N, 04.45W, by depth charges from a British Warwick aircraft (Sqdn. 179/K). 47 dead (all hands lost).

(Alex Gordon)

GERMANY: Jülich is captured by XIX Corps of the US 9th Army.

British and Canadian attacks drive southeast toward Udem and Weeze.

U-3007 sunk near Bremen, by bombs. Wreck broken up. 1 dead.

U-2540 commissioned.

NORWAY: U-1195 sailed from Bergen on her first and final patrol.

ARCTIC OCEAN: U-boat loses a man overboard from U-997. [Bootsmaat Erich Sachse].

EGYPT: Cairo: Premier Ahmed Maher Pasha, is assassinated after reading out a royal decree declaring war on Germany and Japan.

VOLCANO ISLANDS: The second airfield is captured on Iwo Jima.

PACIFIC OCEAN: Japanese submarine RO.49 is sunk by the USS Lagarto (SS-371) south of Japan. (Mike Yared)(144 and 145)

ATLANTIC OCEAN: ASW trawler HMS Ellesmere sunk by U-1203 at 49.04N, 05.31W.

SS Oriskany in Convoy BTC-78 was torpedoed and sunk by U-1208 west of Lands End. The master, the convoy commodore), 21 crewmembers, seven naval staff members and four gunners were lost.


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