It is produced in association with John Nicholas of Kansas, Jack McKillop of New Jersey, Mikko Härmeinen of Finland and Alex Gordon of Essex.

I thanks John Nicholas for his contributions on the United States Pacific Campaign, Jack McKillop for his immense contribution on the operations of the USAAF and RAF, US Army and Naval actions.

Mikko Härmeinen wrote the article on the Finnish wars many of which are available nowhere else in the English language.

Alex Gordon contributed multiple articles on Royal Naval actions and the Merchant shipping war.

Dave Shirlaw is responsible for most naval building and commissioning dates (German, United States and Commonwealth)

Jeff Chrisman for his contributions to the war in Russia.

Other members of the and Buffalo Listserv WWII mailing lists are credited in the text, they have contributed as the chronicle was issued daily since August 1995.
It was originally inspired by a series created by John Davis, who maintains a website of first-person accounts at

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Maps from the US Army

Canadian Newspapers in WW2


The Wizard War

German radar technology

Origins of Japanese Radar Technology

Treatment of Italian Americans in WW2

General Signals Equipment

New Zealand Vets

The G.I. Roundtable

Sid's War - The Story of an Argyll at War

Bob Gallagher's Memoirs

Jim Bate's Memoirs

Doug Tidy's Memoirs and more

German weather intelligence gathering.

Royal Warrant establishing the British war crimes tribunals.

Soviet Submarine Losses.

Japanese Tanks

Third Reich Factbook - Operation Kitty's,5543,1075414,00.html

Displaced Persons

Library of Congress Veterans History Project

West Wall

Dora V2 construction facility.

The Doolittle Raiders

Manhatten Project

Historic US Government Publications

Writings of Ernie Pyle

United States Military Formations

36th Infantry Division

Medical Organisation

USAAF 'Little Friends'

Digitised US Books

Letters Home

PT Boats

The Great Torpedo Scandal

US Army Medical Corps

Japanese Treatment of PoWs (in Japanese but you can download a translator)

Taka Doi's Japanese radio museum. All in Japanese but some English.

(Bill Howard)

Japanese Propaganda Pamphlets.

American Infantryman's Guide to the Japanese Army

English translation.

Axis PoWs in the United States.

Interview with Hans Krueger about Camp Houlton, Maine, USA (Jean Beach)

Rongstad's List of Camps in the United States.


Oz at War.

The Naval Historical Society of Australia