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Submarine sighting's before the Aerial attack on Pearl Harbor.

The times here are at Hawaiian Time, which is six hours behind Washington DC and 11 hours behind GMT.

0342: The coastal minesweepers Condor (AMc-14) and Crossbill (AMc-9) are patrolling 1.75 miles (2.8 km) south of the Pearl Harbor entrance buoys.

Ensign R.C. McCloy, the captain of the Condor, sights a white wake and asks Quartermaster Utrick what he thinks the object is. Utrick identifies it as a periscope.

0357: Utrick sends a blinker message to the destroyer USS Ward (DD-139) on entrance patrol. The message read: "Sighted submerged submarine on westerly course, speed nine knots."

0408: General quarters is sounded on the destroyer Ward and the ship begins a fruitless sonar search for the next hour.

0435: The crew of the destroyer Ward steps down from general quarters.

0630: The stores issue ship USS Antares (AKS-14), the flagship of Training Squadron Eight, arrives off Pearl Harbor entrance from Canton and Palmyra Islands with a 500 ton steel barge in tow. It was expected to transfer the barge to a tug at the above time and then enter Pearl Harbor. As the tug was not in sight at 0630 the ship was turning slowly to the east at which time a suspicious object was sighted about 1500 yards (1372 meters) on the starboard quarter. This object could have been a small submarine with upper conning tower awash and periscope partly raised but it could not be positively identified as such. The destroyer USS Ward which was the inshore patrol ship in the vicinity was notified and proceeded to investigate.

0633: The crew of a Consolidated PBY-5 Catalina, coded 14-P-1 assigned to Patrol Squadron Fourteen (VP-14) based at NAS Kaneohe Bay, drops two smoke pots near the object spotted by USS Antares.

0645: Lookouts on the destroyer USS Ward's bridge notice a small feather wake astern of the auxiliary USS Antares and the raft she is towing. Ward goes to general quarters and charges the submarine at flank speed. Number one 4-inch (10.16 cm) mount trained around, and her gunners tried to draw a bead on the elusive target. The first shot of the Pacific war barked from Ward's gun at 0645 and splashed harmlessly beyond the small conning tower.

As Ward pounded past at 25 knots, number three gun atop the galley deckhouse amidships commenced fire and its round passed squarely through the submersible's conning tower. As the Japanese midget submarine, which had been launched by the Japanese submarine HIJMS I-22, wallowed lower in the water and started to sink, the destroyer swiftly dropped four depth charges signalled by four blasts on the ship's whistle. Black water gushed upwards in the ship's boiling wake as the bombs went off sealing the submarine's doom.

0653: The captain of the USS Ward radios a terse action voice report to Commandant, 14th Naval District headquarters: "We have attacked, fired upon and dropped depth charges upon submarine operating in defensive sea area."

0715: Captain Outerbridge's attack message, delayed in decoding is delivered to duty officer, 14th Naval District, and to Admiral Kimmel's duty officer.

0725: Kimmel informed of Ward's attack on sub, but no action taken.

0748: Eleven "Zeke" fighters attack the PBYs in the water and on the warm-up platform at NAS Kaneohe Bay.

Below is Ward's log for the time in question. Note that she had gone to general quarters at 0405 

      4 to 8

            Steaming as before. 0405 Exchanged calls with U.S.S. Crossbill.

0408 Sounded general quarters and searched for unidentified submarine. 0435 Secured from general quarters. 0525 U.S.S. Crossbill and U.S.S. Condor stood in channel. 0506 Exchanged calls with U.S.S. Antares. 0640 Sighted unidentified submarine 1 point of starboard bow. Sounded general quarters.

All engines ahead full, course 125 T. and PGC, 118 PSC. 0645 Commenced firing on submarine. Fired two salvos. Observed second salvo to be direct hit on enemy submarine conning tower. 0645 Commenced depth charge attack.

0646 ceased firing and ceased depth charge attack. 0648 Stopped sampan number 248 (32A453) in vicinity of attack and notified Coast Guard to escort sampan to Honolulu. 0703 Established sound contact on enemy submarine.

Steaming on various courses and speeds conforming to attack. 0705 Commenced depth charge attack. 0706 Sighted black oil bubble 300 yards astern. 0706 Ceased depth charge attack. 0754 Sighted squadrons of Japanese planes approaching from Barber's Point heading for Pearl Harbor. 0755 Japanese planes commenced bombing attack on Pearl Harbor. Average steam 250, average r.p.m. 52.8.


      O.W. GOEPNER,

      Lieutenant (jg) U.S. Naval Reserve

Ward's Log:

From: Congressional Investigation into the Pearl Harbor Attack, Pt. 36 (Exhibits of the Joint Committee), pp. 55-60. 


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