31 March 1944 by Jack McKillop

Aircraft of Task Group 58.1 (TG 58.1) attack Yap Islands northeast of the Palau Islands.

Aircraft of TG 50.15, TG 58.2 and TG 58.3 continue their attacks in the Palau Islands that began yesterday.

The ships and air group participating in this raid were:

TG 50.15 Carrier Division Twenty Two (CarDiv 22)

USS Chenango (CVE-28) with Escort Carrier Air Group Thirty Five (CVEG-35)

USS Sangamon (CVE-26) with CVEG-37

USS Santee with (CVE-29) CVEG-26)

USS Suwannee (CVE-27) with CVEG-60

NOTE: Typically, the CVEGs listed above had two squadrons both using the same number as the CVEG number, e.g., CVEG-60 had VC-60 and VF-60. One squadron was a composite squadron (VC) with nine Douglas SBD Dauntlesses and nine Grumman TBF Avengers and the second was a fighting squadron (VF) with 12 Grumman F6F Hellcats.

TG 58.1 (CarDiv-4)

USS Belleau Wood (CVL-24) with Light Carrier Air Group Twenty Four (CVLG-24)

USS Cowpens (CVL-25) with CVLG-25

USS Enterprise (CV-6) with Carrier Air Group Ten (CVG-10)

TG 58.2 (CarDiv-3)

USS Bunker Hill (CV-17) with CVG-8

USS Cabot (CVL-28) with CVLG-31

USS Hornet (CV-12) with CVG-2

USS Monterey (CVL-28) with CVLG-30

TG 58.3 (CarDiv-11)

USS Langley (CVL-27) with CVLG-32

USS Lexington (CV-16) with CVG-16

USS Princeton (CVL-23) with CVLG-23

USS Yorktown (CV-10) with CVG-5

Jack McKillop

31 March 1944