Anthony Eden United Kingdom foreign secretary. (More...)
Adolf Eichmann Head of the Gestapo's Department of Jewish Affairs. More...

March 19, 1906 Adolf Eichmann is born in Solingen, Germany.

May 11, 1960 Four Mossad agents abduct fugitive Nazi war criminal Adolf Eichmann from a bus stop in Buenos Aires.

May 23, 1960 Ben Gurion announces to the Knesset that Eichmann will be put on trial.

December 2, 1961 Adolf Eichmann, in Israel, is sentenced to death for crimes against the Jewish people.

May 31, 1962 Adolf Eichmann is hanged in Israel.

(Gene Hanson)


Brigadier General Dwight David EISENHOWER Deputy Chief, War Plans Division, War Department, Later Supreme Commander Allied Forces Europe, later President of the United States of America. (More...)
Joaquin ELIZALDE Philippine representative in Washington, United States of America. More...
Lieutenant Colonel Eugene L EUBANK:   Commanding Officer, 19th B.G. More...
Eugene Weidman The last man in France to be guillotined in public.