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1932 (SATURDAY)  

MANCHURIA: With the Japanese occupation of Manchuria near completion, the establishment of the Republic of Manchukuo is proclaimed. The new government serves under the direction of the Japanese government.

 1933 (MONDAY)  

NICARAGUA: The last U.S. Marines are evacuated from Nicaragua, ending a U.S. occupation of the republic since 1912.

1935 (WEDNESDAY)  

U.S.A.: Bruno Hauptmann goes on trial in Flemington, New Jersey, on charges of kidnapping and murdering the infant son of Charles and Anne Lindbergh. (Hauptmann is found guilty and executed.)  


INTERNATIONAL: The British and Italian governments agree to mutually respect each other's interests and rights in the Mediterranean and the maintenance of Spanish independence and integrity. The British government hopes to end tensions in the Mediterranean region as Germany is emerging as a greater threat to European security than Italy. Despite this treaty, the Italians continue to support Francisco Franco's Nationalists in the Spanish Civil War and the British are unable to prevent military supplies from reaching the belligerents. The British seek to use the non-intervention agreements as a means to prevent the expansion of the Spanish Civil War into a general war, but the Italians flagrantly violate this principle.  

ITALY: Premier Benito Mussolini sends fresh troops to Spain. This is his interpretation of the agreement with the U.K. on maintaining the status quo.

PORTUGAL: The government refuses to cooperate in the supervision of nonintervention in Spain stating that ". . . the proposal would in practice create such difficulties to those nations agreeing to be represented on the delegations in Spanish territory that complications were to be feared, . . ."


January 2nd, 1939 (MONDAY)

UNITED KINGDOM: Destroyer HMS Maori commissioned.

GERMANY: U-62, U-63 laid down.

U.S.A.: Time magazine of New York publishes a glowing report of Third Reich Germany. More....

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