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1933   (SUNDAY) 

SPAIN: Anarchists and Syndicalists in Barcelona lead a large uprising which reflects the impatience of the lower classes of the government's social reform movement. The Spanish army quells the revolt.


1937   (FRIDAY) 

U.S.A.: U.S. Senate Joint Resolution 3 is passed. This resolution prohibits the exportation of arms, ammunition, and implements of war from the U.S. to Spain.


January 8th, 1939 (SUNDAY)

FRANCE: Paris: Picasso paints La Femme Accoudeé.

U.S.A.: The Philadelphia Orchestra, with Eugene Ormandy conducting and featuring Marian Anderson as contralto, records "Von ewiger Liebe" by Johannes Brahms.

The US embassy in Paris sends a report to Washington detailing an eyewitness account of a Japanese seaplane ramp and airplane hangar on Jaluit in the Marshall Islands of the Pacific.

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