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1931   (MONDAY)


GERMANY: The Allied Military Control Committee, which oversaw the demobilization of German military forces after World War I, is disbanded.


1937   (TUESDAY)


UNITED KINGDOM: Foreign Secretary Anthony Eden says Britain repudiates any division of Europe into the supporters of rival ideologies stating, "Not only would the widespread acceptance of such a fatalistic doctrine be highly dangerous to peace, but in our judgment it does not correspond to realities. Human nature is far too rich and too diversified to be hemmed in within such limitations."


1938   (WEDNESDAY)


INTERNATIONAL: Austria and Hungary recognize General Francisco Franco in Spain stating ". . . this decision represents a practical contribution to the normalization of relations between Spain and other nations and to the pacification of Europe. . . ."


U.S.S.R.: The Supreme Soviet of the Soviet Union meets for the first time, the new legislative branch created under the country's constitution of 1936.

January 12th, 1939 (THURSDAY)

CANADA: The Daily Colonist newspaper in Victoria, British Columbia reports shots fired at a German consular officials home in Holland. The article....

UNITED STATES: U.S. President Franklin Roosevelt asks Congress for US$552 million (US$7.756 billion in 2005 dollars) in defense expenditures to prepare the country for war. The American government plans to expand fortifications in the Pacific and the Caribbean (Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands). President Roosevelt begins to express his strong support for the Western democratic states. The Roosevelt administration allows the French government to purchase large numbers of American aircraft and orders an additional 600 aircraft for the U.S. armed forces.


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