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1933   (FRIDAY) 

UNITED STATES: Congress passes the Howes-Cutting Bill over President Herbert Hoover's veto, which calls for a 12-year transitional period for the Philippine Commonwealth under a Philippine executive. The U.S. retains the right to military and naval bases while the U.S. Supreme Court could review decisions by the Philippine courts. During a probationary period, the U.S. could impose tariffs on Philippine sugar, coconut oil, and fibers in excess of specified quotas. Finally, the Philippine legislature has one year to accept the independence measure.


1935   (SUNDAY)

SAARLAND: The League of Nations supervises the plebiscite (referendum) in the Saarland. Ninety percent of the electors vote for a union with Germany. Only ten percent vote for union with France. The National Socialists mounted a massive political campaign in the Saar, but popular opinion clearly supported a return to Germany. (The Saarland was established in 1920 in accordance with the Treaty of Versailles. It comprised portions of the Prussian Rhine Province and the Bavarian Rhenish Palatinate. The area was put under the control of the League of Nations but in practice it was administered by France for 15 years, very much against the wishes of almost all Germans both inside and outside the territory.)


1936   (MONDAY)

UNITED STATES: Famed aviator Howard Hughes takes off from Union Air Terminal, Burbank, California, in a Northrop Gamma 2G, msn 11, registered NR13761, just after 1200 hours and lands at Newark Municipal Airport, New Jersey, at 0030 hours tomorrow setting a new transcontinental speed record of 9-hours, 26-minutes and 10-seconds.


1937   (WEDNESDAY)

EGYPT: The British send a military mission to Egypt to advise the Egyptian government on the development of an army. The Egyptians introduce universal military training in 1938.

January 13th, 1939 (FRIDAY)

GERMANY: Jews are arrested in reprisal for yesterday's shooting in The Netherlands: The article....

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