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1932   (THURSDAY)

SWITZERLAND: A League of Nations commission of inquiry is appointed to investigate the Japanese invasion of Manchuria.


1937   (THURSDAY)

UNITED STATES: The government instructs the American Consul General at Barcelona, Spain, to discourage American volunteers stating, ". . . the enlistment of American citizens in either of the opposing forces in Spain is unpatriotically inconsistent with the American Government's policy of the most scrupulous non-intervention in Spanish internal affairs."

January 14th, 1939 (SATURDAY)

ITALY: Following his talks with Mussolini, Chamberlain is satisfied that Italy will co-operate in settling the problem of Germany and Italy's Jewish refugees. The article....
Chamberlain also emphasizes to France that Italian Premier Benito Mussolini has promised to withdraw his forces from Spanish territory after a final victory by Francisco Franco's forces. France has less faith than the British in promises of Italy.

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