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1932 (FRIDAY)


FRENCH MOROCCO: French forces occupy the Tafilet oasis, headquarters of the rebellious tribesmen. This operation effectively marks the submission of the rebels in the Atlas and Anti-Atlas regions of Morocco.


UNITED STATES: Up to 2-inches (5,1 centimeters) of snow whitened the Los Angeles basin of California. The Los Angeles Civic Center reports 1-inch (2,5 centimeters) of snow, and even the beaches of Santa Monica are whitened with snow, in what proves to be a record snowstorm for Los Angeles.


1935 (TUESDAY)


UNITED STATES: James H. (Jimmy) Doolittle sets a new transcontinental speed record for passenger-carrying transports when he flies from Lockheed Air Terminal, Burbank, California, to Floyd Bennett Field, New York, New York, in 11 hours and 59 minutes. The stretch from Colorado to Virginia is flown on instruments. Also aboard the Vultee V1-A transport, msn 8, registered NR13770, is his wife and a Shell Petroleum Corporation executive. On 21 February, Doolittle's brother-in-law flies an American Airlines V1-A over the same route in 11 hours and 34 minutes; this includes a stop in Washington, D.C. to deliver orchids to Eleanor Roosevelt, the President's wife.


U.S.S.R.: Premier Joseph Stalin conducts a series of show trials of leading Communist leaders who are accused of conspiracy and state treason. Grigori Zinoviev, Leo Kamenev, and several other Communist leaders are found guilty in two days and receive terms of 5- to10-years in prison. In 1936 Zinoviev is charged with forming a terrorist organization to kill Stalin and other leaders of the government. He is tried, found guilty and executed in Moscow on 25 August 1936.




GERMANY: German television service re-opens on a daily basis, including live transmissions for the first time.


UNITED KINGDOM: The Japanese delegation leaves the London naval disarmament conference after rejecting tonnage restrictions on various types of warships. The Japanese government is determined to modernize the fleet and is unwilling to accept further restrictions.


1937 (FRIDAY)


AUSTRIA: Chancellor Kurt Schuschnigg's government announces a general amnesty for National Socialists who have participated in the attempted coup against the government. The Austrian government offers amnesty to improve relations with the German government.


1938 (SATURDAY) 

CHINA: The Japanese air force begins regular bombing of Chungking.

January 15th, 1939 (SUNDAY)

UNITED KINGDOM: Lord Halifax, British Foreign Minister, urged Georges Bonnet, French Foreign Minister, to satisfy some of Italy's claims - port facilities at Djibouti, Suez tolls, and status of Italians in Tunis.

FRANCE: The French Radical Socialist party urges the government to consider the grave danger to France of Italian intervention in Spain.

AUSTRALIA: Following a summer of destructive bushfires in Victoria state, rain at last comes to this part of Australia. (See...)

BRAZIL: Argentina beat Brazil 5 goals to 1 in football's Roca Cup.

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