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Today is the anniversary of the Japanese attack on the Territory of Hawaii. The attack began at approximately 0755 hours local, i.e., 1325 hours Eastern Standard Time (EST) or 1825 hours Zulu, GMT or UTC, whichever you prefer.

This is the eighth posting of articles I started preparing between 1991 and 1994. Those of you "olde timers" have probably read these articles before; others may wish to read some or all of the 12 articles.





1 RCAF units, Order of Battle, aircraft, stations and unit codes

2 USCG Aircraft by serial number and stations

3 USAAF, USMC and USN aircraft in the Territory of Hawaii

4 Attitudes of Army personnel in Hawaii

5 The Signal Corps radar site at Opana and what they saw and reported

6 US Army units and stations worldwide

7 The USAAF B-17 flight from California to Hawaii

8 The USAAF B24 spy mission

9 USAAF_units.htm">USAAF units, stations and aircraft worldwide

10 USMC units worldwide

11 Where were the U.S. Navy's aircraft carriers on 7 Dec 41?

12 USN and USCG ships in Hawaii, 7 Dec 41

13 Japanese attack Forces.

14    The US Army's Air Warning System

15    US Army Attitudes in Hawaii

16    US Army commanders, personnel and aircraft

17    US Army units in Hawaii

18    USAAF_aircraft_in_the_territory_of_hawaii.htm">USAAF Aircraft in the Territory of Hawaii

19    The B-17 Flight

20    The B-24 Spy Flight

21    The Attack

22    USAAF_units.htm"> USAAF Units on Hawaii

23    US Marine Corps Aviation Units in Hawaii

24    US Navy Aviation Units in Hawaii

25    US Navy Aircraft Carrier Units

26    US Navy and US Coast Guard ships.

27    US Marines at Pearl Harbor

I hope you enjoy them and I solicit any additions, corrections, etc.

Jack McKillop


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