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Equipment on display in the Museum.

CG4A - Waco Glider in the Airborne Museum at St. Mere Eglise, Normandy.

This is at the request of Jay Stone who is a veteran of Normandy and Arnhem. These pictures were taken in late September, 1998.
View of the nose of the aircraft

Front view of cockpit of Waco glider.jpg (59166 bytes)

The Fuselage under the wing spar

Fuselage view of Waco Glider.jpg (33418 bytes)

Interior view of glider

Interior shot of Waco glider.jpg (67947 bytes)

Invasion Stripes on the fuselage

DDay recognition stripes.jpg (38764 bytes)

A slightly dark shot from the side of the cockpit showing the internal bracing.

FRONT_VIEW_OF_WACO_GLIDER.jpg (331494 bytes)

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