Photograph Collection

The US Airborne Museum at St. Mere Eglise in Normandy, France.

Assorted invasion beach detritus!

More pictures from the D-day beaches

Pictures taken at Slapton Sands in Devon see May 6th, 1944.

War memorials at Argostoli on Keffalonia and resistance memorial on Ithaca, Greece.

My Uncle Ernest Etherington joined the army in 1944 aged 17. He was a private in the 1st Bn, North Staffordshire Regiment.

Ernie died from disease on 2nd May, 1946 and is buried in Kirkee War Cemetary, India.

Here is a collection of photos my father (GNR Etherington, J. T., 91161, Royal Artillery) took immediately after the war, they are mostly of the time he spent in Berlin attached to the staff at Military Government House in Berlin from December 1945 until May 1946.

On 23rd March, 2001 I visited the RAF Museum at Cosford and took lots of aircraft pictures.

Outside the Museum of the Revolution in Havana, Cuba is a SU-100 self-propelled gun.

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Day by Day Chronology of the Second World War